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The Lenovo Duet 3 Experience

I recently acquired a Lenovo Duet 3 Chromebook, and I like it enough as a solution to my specific needs / problem that I wanted to share. I’ve used it heavily since I got it a few days ago, and I think I’ve now accumulated enough experience to give a balanced review. To start with,…

Good and Bad Homophony

One thing about conlanging is that it’s easy to end up with semi-accidentally homophonous words, which can be fine and happens a lot in natural languages, but when it happens with your conlang you need to decide if you’re OK with it in this particular instance or not. And there’s one minor one right now…

The Big Speech of the Andor Finale

This post contains spoilers for episode 12 of Andor. If you haven’t seen it yet and want to, please come back later. I don’t normally post fan analysis, but the posthumous speech that Maarva gave in the final episode of Andor season 1 really was very good and I wanted to try to break down…