Welcome! Please, come in and smell the roses.

I think the name of this blog says it all. The phase in the weeds can mean many things:

  • In the middle of a patch of unwanted vegetation
  • Overwhelmed by circumstances or work
  • Deep in the (often esoteric) details

The reason I like the term is that it combines a literal references to plant (which I’m a bit obsessed with) with a figurative reference to delving into the details of complicated or academic topics (which is also a hobby of mine). Hopefully, though, you won’t be bored or overwhelmed.

The things you might expect to find here are:

  • Gardening and plants
  • Linguistics and languages
  • Conlanging
  • Programming
  • Politics (sorry, can’t help it…)
  • General geekery
  • Maybe thoughts about meaning and life if I get drunk enough